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Carbon nanotechnology involves the production of nanoparticles based on carbon - fullerenes, nanotubes, graphene. The term "nanocarbon» (nanocarbon) is used to denote different types of fullerenes. Fullerenes are hollow carbon capsules.

"C-PLUS" Ltd. / OOO "Nanopolymer" produces the following nanocarbon materials:

·      fullerene mixture of C60 / C70 / higher fullerenes

·      fullerene C60 - different purities from + 98% to + 99.9%

·      fullerene C70 - C70 + 98%

The unique structure of fullerenes causes their unique physical and chemical properties. The complex of electrical, optical, chemical and biological properties due to three-dimensional spherical fullerene molecule varies depending on the type of fullerene or the type of material with a fulleroid fragments, and provides a very broad scope of application of these materials.

In combination with other substances, they allow to obtain materials with fundamentally new or improved properties.



SC "NIIGRAFIT" with the cooperation partner - "Nanopolymer" Ltd. - has created a department for the technology development and production of fulleroid materials. The department has its own research and production base, covering the full technological cycle of fullerene production.

Today there is a research team working on the development of materials modified with fullerenes. Preliminary tests have shown that as a result of additives fullerene, the properties of these materials might be significantly improved and obtained qualitatively new properties.


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Nanopolymer Middle East

Nanopolymer's partners founded a representative office in Cairo "NANOPOLYMER MIDDLE EAST" for promoting the company's activities in the Middle East and North Africa.

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